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Non-Emergent Healthcare Services 

Providers at HHHS can provide treatment for a variety of health conditions

Conditions That Can Be Treated Include But Are Note Limited to:

*Acid Reflux (Heart burn)



*Back pain


*Burns (minor)


*Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)

*Dental Pain


*Ear Irrigation for wax build-up

*Medication refill (Non-narcotics)

*STD testing and Treatment


*Sinus Infections

*Sore throat


*Vaginal infections

*Not all visits are appropriate for Telehealth. Some services may require an in-person visit 

Keep in mind, we are not a primary care office and do NOT accept insurance. All Services are self pay. Payment must be received at time of appointment

Medical Tablet
Doctor In Blue Scrubs With Stethoscope
Knee Joint Examination

Conditions That Require An Emergency Room Visit include:

*Chest Pain 

*Eye Injuries 


*Pregnancy Related problems


*Severe Injuries (Or injury requiring Xrays)

*Severe Pain 

*Severe Shortness of Breath

*We are NOT a primary care office. If you need basic primary care services, contact your Primary Care Provider 

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